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This hacker for hire review site has been up a while now. Every day I have a mail box full of emails telling me about how someone was scamed or lied to stolen from. So i decided to make this page dedicated to those emails. For hackers for hire that I get more than a few emails on I will do my own review and post them in the hacker for hire review section. check out the hacker for hire review section to see my personal opinions. – SCAM

First a new comer to the hacker for hire world. I got an email from a person on 1/26/14 about this hacker for hire got a lot of attention really fast. And not in a good way. Then anoter on 2/1/14 and a few more reporting basically the same thing.

I tried to hire hacker in I paid the partial amount since they guaranteed that atleast 1 information will be provided after the partial payment.

The admin denied the conversation and ask for the full payment which I did assuring me that after 2 hours all the information I need will be provided.

3 days has passed since the full payment and they did not even bother to comeback with a simple message!

Definitely a SCAM!

Watch out for the site:

I found out a lout about this hacker for hire and even that they have two websites. and I made their own review page. – scam

Hacker for Hire –
Davyd [email protected] SCAM

hey, I like your review website. So I hired a hacker, called Davyd. I found his mail from an internet article about hiring hackers, then his e-mail was in the comments section. He said that my service would cost 220$, but we agreed on that I will pay only the half money and after the job is done I will pay the another half. He said he started working, but then he asked for more money 240$ to buy a publishing software. according to what he said, the website I wanted to get hacked is really different from what he’s been working with so he needed to buy a publishing software. Then few days later, he asked for another 160$ to reinstate, because the web admin doesn’t let him in. I wanted him to refund me, he said after he sold the software he will refund my money. It’s been a month since I worked with him, does hacking a school website take that long time? I’m confused, he receives the payment via western union. I think most likely he’s a spammer.
I tried neighborhood hacker, hackerforhire etc but they told me they don’t do those kind of jobs such as school website hacking.

Hacker for Hire –
[email protected] – SCAM

I have confirmed [email protected] is a scam. He steals money via western union. He uses google voice to have american phone numbers.

Folake Ajayi
16 ogbon ola street,
Ikeja, Lagos .