Tips for Hiring a hacker

when you are looking to hire a hacker you should go a bit farther that a google search for hire a hacker or hacker for hire here are a few tips to help you hire a hacker and not get scammed.

research research research

hire a hacker only after you have done your research. google around for reviews or posts on places I dont know of every hacker out there so i cant review them all. do searches like the name of the person place or email.

hacker for hire read what they tell you

look at the site you visit look for contact information call someone make sure you understand the way the hacker for hire work. look on facebook on forums and sites like this one :-)

hacker for hire payments!

make sure you have a secure payment method western union is not it!

    if you cant get your money back run! western union will not give you your money back if you get scammed. and hackers for hire who only let youpay western union you cant once its gone its gone and you are screwed.
    Paypal i looked at as a great alt but paypal does not cover you for services so you will lose any dispute you file. so a hacker for hire will win you will lose your money

    credit cards are great IF you are information is secure like a bank or like amazon so your information is not just floating around


    duh! dont deal with anyone who wont keep your information is private! like what will your cc look like if you have a I hired a hacker charge on it? busted. ask what will show up ask about you information who can see it and who cant and who will get it if anyone. dont just take we wont give it out as an answer look for something like a privacy statement or something

    They stole that!

    so honor amongst thieves is not dead but if one hacker for hire steal or tries to pretend to be someone else how will they treat you? they will cheat you no doubt about it.

    MOney Money Money

    prices will vary dont try an haggle if they do haggle they are onlyafter your money plain ans simple. and you will likely get scammed. real people really know how much it costs