Neighborhood Hacker – updated 2016 $50 +

Neighborhood Hacker – updated 2016

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Update 3/1/2016

Neighborhood Hacker – Real True review must read!

Neighborhood Hacker is legitimate 

Neighborhood Hacker has been around for a long time. And has consistently stayed at the top of google search results. Read the February review below about neighborhood hacker.

WARNING: [email protected] has posted HUNDREDS of FAKE REVIEW SITES to trick you into using his service. If you want to see the emails about his sites look below If you don’t believe me email me [email protected] and I’ll forward you everything! read the story here

Update: February 19 2016

Neighborhood Hacker is back with a vengeance! These hackers for hire  had a long run on top and have had their ups and downs. Literally hundreds of people have come to me trying to imitate Neighborhood Hacker and making all kinds of crazy statements. I had left Neighborhood Hacker alone for a while and one day got an alert that Neighborhood Hacker had updated their site. No big deal I thought because the people doing hacker for hire  change their sites all the time trying to stay relevant and fresh. Well it looks like Neighborhood Hacker changed a LOT! according to the Neighborhood Hacker site they were bought out by another company and the new company did away with a LOT! new staff and only kept the best? I thought it was too good to be true so i wen ahead and re-did Neighborhood Hacker. right off the process is different, no more fees to talk to people, you can use the option to get to the front of the list but dont have to. Next i dont have to pay upfront!! AWESOME! Instead of a deposit now Neighborhood Hacker no has a $50 start up fee. and you only pay for results! Contact was amazing all the way through the process. After i paid my start fee I got updates regularly and had the option, for an extra setup fee, to use their portal which gave me a realtime look at exactly what Neighborhood Hacker was doing.  then paid for my report with everything i wanted in it! smooth and way impressed. besides these guys are the way it should be done and are worth the $50 risk.

Updated: April 18 2015
Because I now have someone spamming this post for neighborhood hacker I have turned off comments. I’ve recieved over 3 thousand spam comments in 24 hours. Neighborhood hacker is still one of the two best options out there to hire a hacker. I’ll be posting a new article on the people I know are behind all the negative spam in the next few days.
First on the list of Google results is Neighborhood Hacker At first I was turned off that a “company” would actually offer a hacker for hire service so blatantly and thought “this has to be a scam”. Just as the thought entered into my head a nifty little chat window appeared asking me if I’d like some help. Like any other site I assumed this was an automated bot but i decided to try it. I was actually surprised to get what appeared to be a real person. I asked a few questions and found out that is in fact a real company. I was told “we can offer these services because of certain legal loop holes.” And I was assured that no matter what my identity would be protected. So plus there. Then came the “Can you hack a Facebook account?” I was told “Yes, but you’ll need to schedule an appointment” of course for a fee there was also a free option but there is a risk of not being contacted or mayber contacted in 72 hours. Scam meter went up a notch but was then directed to the how it works page on the website where the entire process was laid out. Scam meter went down a half notch. The $25 “consultation” fee seemed a bit odd but it was via third party so I had a bit of a warm and fuzzy. 24 hours later I was on the phone with neighborhoodhacker and someone who seemed to be a good mixture of car salesman and tech savvy and was told yes I can do that in 30 days or less and anyone claiming to do it faster are total scams, from my experience this is still true. His upfront attitude was oddly pleasing and direct and set my previous notions of how it should all work to rest. He laid out the time line and reassured me that even though he may not reach out to me often that I can check on my case using neighborhood Hacker’s online portal. i suspect that this is to improve customer services aligned with many of the complaints I’ve gotten that they have slow customer service. Since my first review Neighborhood hacker has changed its pricing structure. Neighborhoodhacker now offer several “audit packages” that work with budgets. They have a standard which is 3 trys, a double and a single. Kind of like a burger on how much meet you get. it was explained that the standard was my bes bet and would take about a month and the lower ones would take less time to try. I opted for the single because im not made of money. The upfront fee was $165, added all together its $190 a jump in price from last year. I gave him some details we went over disclosures and he sent me a nifty “intake form” and got an email saying the information was processed. I emailed him two days later for an update and was told that there was no updates as of yet but to check my “my accounts” I checked and saw that my job was in its first “phase”. I asked what that meant and was told that the neighborhood hacker team was developing and researching to give me the best results. COOL! A week later I got an email from neighborhoodhacker, that I half expected to say “I need more money” but was surprised to get “success” with a link to pay my final portion. I asked if i could get proofs they were in and was offerd screen shots but was warned that it may risk locking the account. And was told that many places have security settings that will flag them. I pushed a little and was told that neighborhoodhacker has a password guarantee and if it didnt work I could get a retry for free or a refund. I paid the remaining balance and got my password and an nice little read me file outlining how not to trip Facebook’s new device location warning and how not to lock myself out along with does not guarantee how long this password will be active disclaimer once again. Overall they were very professional and were successful because they had done work for me before I was not so worried about getting scammed. I’ve had a lot of people complain to me about a bunch of different things that neighborhood hacker did or didnt do but after prying into their complaint I’ve found that is was people with unreal expectations. these guys are one of the few that are out there and if you can imagine how much work they get you can start to imagine how hard it is to keep track of everyone. the biggest complaint i get is customer service. give them a break and let them work.
HUGE SIDE NOTE: I invite everyone revied on this site to comment and participate and neighborhood hacker has been the only one to come and apologize for issues and even offered a free attempt. These guys might not be perfect but they are better than the rest. my original review rating still stands these guys are the only ones.

Neighborhood Hacker

Neighborhood Hacker hacker for hire on the number 1 spot on google search for hacker for hire

overall A bit on the the scary side but successful and a generally pleasant experience.
Price – Expensive.
Scam factor- low

Update: They were able to get 1 of two additional accounts I sent them so success rate is 2/3

update: 4/29/14 I get a ton of comments on my site. I WILL NOT POST YOUR REVIEW WITHOUT PROOF!!! because of the number fake posts!!


  1. Expensive, but the only real one out there.

    • is the neighborhood hacker guide real?

      • I’m not sure about the guide. I don’t think it was up when I did my original review. Service was real though.

        • are neighbourhoodhackers genuine? do they really work?

          • They were able to get 2 of the 3 passwords I asked for. Others have said they were expensive but I haven’t seen anything bad said yet. Other than a change in pricing or something.

    • please can any one try the hacking guide for nh and tell me how is it do it works or something please?

    • Have you tried them? And who did you tried? Can you give me email?

    • I want to start off by owning my part in my own being ripped off. The second payment was particularly stupid of me, but there it is. That said, I was as unsatisfied with these guys as I’ve ever been with any organization. I wanted two accounts worked, but I was told that they’d pause after a single success so I could see if that was all I needed. Nothing like that occurred, but it was encouraging, as was everything else in my first interview with David.

      I made a deposit payment and turned over what info I had. Weeks passed and after a certain point, I figured it was a failure. When I finally got to talk with my contact again, I was privileged, I guess you might say, to hear the weirdest shake-down pitch ever. Because I wanted two accounts worked, despite what we’d discussed earlier, they’d need a second deposit. I asked why, since they were only supposed to be working on one at a time, but that was just how it was going to be. Plus, I figured maybe this means they expect to succeed and collect on the rest of two fees, which I’d have been happy to pay at this point for even one account.

      When I protested that nobody ever told me they were waiting on a second deposit from me, David said “she” (his boss) insisted that he never talk to me or anyone else about this change in policy. So, if I’d never called in disappointment, those guys would have just kept my dough and done no work for it? Yep, David said. He had no choice.

      So, I paid again. Weeks passed. Again, I call. And again. On maybe the fourth attempt, I got someone to get Dave to say there was no success. I don’t think the guy was capable of the job, and I’m certain I got clipped — again, with own help. I couldn’t recommend this bunch for anything. I needed access to one facebook and one google account, and after all that “piece-of-cake” talk at the start, I got nothing. And I had to call over and over again to get this nothing.

      I thought I should write, since this site was primarily why I hired neighborhoodhacker first. What’s the second best site for this kind of work? (Here I go again. Maybe I should just leave my cash out on the front steps and make it even easier for the world. Ha!)

      • I am sorry to hear of your discontent with our services. Please contact [email protected] with your case information, such as your order number and she will review your case. Thank you.

  2. Took long. Communicated but in the end couldnt pull it off. But I was only charged the “consultation” fee. I’ll probably use them again.

    • I am sorry to hear of your discontent with our services. Please contact [email protected] with your case information, such as your order number and she will review your case. Thank you.

  3. Fuck these guys! I paid my “consultation” fee and was told my job would start. A day later I got an email saying they had changed policies and I needed to pay a deposit. Bullshit! I’ll go elsewhere fuck neighborhood hacker.

    • I am sorry to hear of your discontent with our services. Please contact [email protected] with your case information, such as your order number and she will review your case. Thank you.

  4. Holly sticker shock!! They are expensive as hell but worth every penny. I will be back.

  5. I filled out the form and paid for my consult. They missed it due to a schedule thing or something. And offered me a refund! Who does that!? Then offered me help for free. @mike get the guide. If you have even the smallest amount of computer skills you ca do it. It is stuff that once you get you can use over and over I did it on 3 FB already.

    • thanks tim hey does the guide include phising or can the guide teach you how to hack youtube and stuff could you add me on facebook so we can talk this is my facebook link you can add me on it

      • it does have fishing. Ive not tried it on youtube. But I know it works on gmail :-)

        • does the hacking guide work on facebook?

          • Yup I tried it on a few people and it worked. The trick I think is creativity and not getting caught by the Facebook stuff using the proxy or VPN it works just read it all the way through like twice. It didn’t work when I just jumped in the middle.

        • can the hacking guide work on facebook or yahoo?

        • could you add me on facebook ericm please and could you try to hack a facebook account for me?

  6. they missed my appointment and then refunded me and I decided to try again. As someone else said they are expensive but worth every single cent. I don’t know what happened to others or what they did or didn’t do but for me I’m satisfied.
    Sidenote: the girl, yes girl I worked with sounded hot.

  7. Customer service needs to be improved. long response time to emails and call backs. In the end they got it done. in less time than stated. improve on customer service and youll get 5 stars.

  8. Polite and professional , but do not possess
    skills, experience or technology to be worth it for me.
    Charged me $250 and then could not locate
    person who hacked my email account and
    sent out personal emails. I then hired Hacker for Hire
    and they located perpetrator in 24 hrs.

  9. Wouldn’t it just be cheaper to buy the guide and go through the process yourself? Assuming one has enough computer experience.

    Thanks in advance.

  10. Did what 3 others couldn’t. but, Like others have said, customer service is slow. My account rep, David Larwson would take a day to respond to my email on average. But, they got the job done. I sense they are a small shop with a heavy load. Which is to be expected for the top spot on google and a company with no real competition. Polite and did get what I asked for in less time than stated which was great. Oh, and if you look at the website it explains the hours. They only work Tuesday to Saturday with Saturday optional. The customer service rep on the phone told me it was the owners policy to not have her team burn out.

  11. I personally worked closely with a representative as a consultant for two to three months and I assure you, they are very legit and scam factor should be Zero.

    Great people to work with.

    Ten stars for Neighborhood Hacker. Trust no one else and yes, they are very busy. :)

  12. Both my two emails password were not able to solve. Very disappointed .

    It is over two months now.

    I wish I could gave the company a 5 stars review.

    • I am sorry to hear of your discontent with our services. Please contact [email protected] with your case information, such as your order number and she will review your case. Thank you.

  13. Only ones who worked. I spent nearly 1k before I found I guess they are hit or miss but for me they hit a home run. Plus a million

  14. I used and paid nearly $250 for a password that was never retrieved, they didn’t even refund my “consultation fee” or anything I paid them.


    • I am sorry to hear of your discontent with our services. Please contact [email protected] with your case information, such as your order number and she will review your case. Thank you.

  15. LEGIT! Nuff sadi!
    People. on the internet there are are millions of people if theses guys get 1outa 50 passwords they are still hella better than anyone else.

  16. They were my last resort. I worked with Cindy and she help me feel more comfortable and explained every step. They have a portal you can track your job which is FANTASTIC! They are still getting it set up and updates take a day or 2 but that is still amazing. She also told me they were restructuring to accommodate more jobs I would imagine they never stop. Fantastic concept, fantastic experience, fantastic results just fantastic!

  17. They helped me get into my asshole husband”s cell phone and confirm he was cheating. They were able to get texts, pictures, email and even let me listen into calls. Expensive, yes. Slower to respond then I would like and was scared at points that I would end up getting scammed or worse. Be Patient they will come through.

    Did anyone else know that they guarantee that if they can’t do it no one can? My agent told me that if they failed and someone else could do it they would pay for it. I was floored! Bold statement, glad I didn’t have to test it. But, really really glad I found them. Keep it up!
    Customer for life.

    • What was the cost to get into cheating spouse cell phone? We you able to save texts and photos? Can they retrieve deleted ones also?

      • Hello, if you are still interested in using our services please contact [email protected] and she should be able to help you out. Thank you.

  18. Does anyone know where I can get the neighborhood hacker guide referenced above? Or how much gmail password is?

    • I think you have to ask for it.

    • Hello, if you are still interested in using our services please contact [email protected] and she should be able to help you out. Thank you.

  19. Hello,
    Thank you for the opportunity to review Neighborhood Hacker alongside others. We welcome and encourage feedback from our clients.

    I am saddend to see anyone disappointed in our service and we strive to provide the best customer service possible. As a growing company we face several obstacles but we also face several very unique challenges that come with the sort of business we conduct.

    To anyone who we have failed, I apologize, I have the utmost confidence in my team and have faith that they performed to the highest levels. Because of the unique nature of our business, guarantees are rare; and some jobs simply can not be completed or will take longer than our standard execution time frame. But, I can offer this:
    From the date of this post, 9/9/2013, anyone that has contacted any of our competitors and have had them sucessfully complete a project that Neighborhood Hacker could not complete. Neighborhood Hacker will pay that competitor’s fees in full. Naturally, with such a guarantee, conditions do apply.

    We aim to provide highly skilled and unique services to our clients. For those who have voiced complaints, I encourage you to contact Neighborhood Hacker, and have your jobs re-attempted for free, we typically charge for this so this is only valid for complaints prior to 9/9/2013. Again, conditions do apply and you will need to verify that you indeed do have a valid case. Please contact your project manager for details and assistance.

    Someone will be monitoring this site for corrections and complaints.

    Warm regards,
    Amber M.
    Neighborhood Hacker LLC

  20. OK, let me put this in perspective. I spent thousands, literally thousands, on other so called hackers all of whom turned out to be a scam. When I found these guys I was ready to give up. I was skeptical about their fees but paid anyway. They told me 20 days, explained the process and went to work. No communication other than a note here and there in my myaccount for 10 days. No email and when I called customer service I was told that because they had limited access to my information they could only tell me it was being worked on. I got scared and thought I was getting scammed so the next morning I was going to get my money back and found a new note in my account saying they were done. And here is your proof. I paid the balance and instantly downloaded my information and a nice how to. Which I really thought was a good touch.

    5 stars Neighborhood hacker!
    Just be patient people these guys are the real deal.

  21. 50/50 I gave them one job. They nailed it. So i gave them another and they missed it. I can only imagine how many they get a day so i guess 50/50 aint bad. They really need to improve on customer service though. I know noone else even has any thing like customer service so they are still a step above there. Just wish i could get updates more than once a week.

  22. I get that these are hackers, I get that they are number 1 on google and I get that they are the only ones giving real services.
    I read these reviews and think that people are just impatient and want things immediately. News flash, a typical hack takes at least a month to plan and do right! For the people complaining about customer support, get off your high horse. This isn’t like buying cable television. These are hackers, on the top of search results, doing something that has never been done before, all alone in a category by themselves. Think about it, how many hacks do you think they have running at a time? Now, how much work would they get done if they stopped and coddled every whining customer who thinks they are special? ZERO!

    These guys are the real mccoy and I am happy I found them. I went with reasonable expectations and they exceeded them.

    To EricM, Great site,great concept and thank you!

    • Thanks

  23. These guys are doing things no one else can. very slow but work. Keep it up neighborhhod!

    • Slow with customer service , paid my money and couldn’t get the password for the email account I wanted. Disappointed to say the least.

      • I am sorry to hear of your discontent with our services. Please contact [email protected] with your case information, such as your order number and she will review your case. Thank you.

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