Neighborhood Hacker – Story about Neighborhood Hacker

Neighborhood Hacker – Story about Neighborhood Hacker


Neighborhood Hacker

You have to read this story

Neighborhood Hacker is one of the only real hackers on the market. Read my review HERE

Neighborhood Hacker  has gotten a lot of flack being the longest running hacker for hire to hold the top spot on google for years. I’ve gotten mixed reviews from different people but when I look into it Neighborhood Hacker had turned up to be legit most of the time. last month I updated my posting about Neighborhood Hacker and Hacker for hire  and apparently I pissed someone off. That someone is a person calling himself “sam” who is a know scammer READ HERE in the comments section.

hacker for hire review reviews of hackers for hire online

[email protected] is a total scammer who is pissed that Neighborhood Hacker  is getting all the business.

[email protected] aka “sam” is also a total moron. He came to me raging about  Neighborhood Hacker and something about fucking his mother. I don’t really know how the two are related. I’ve never met his mother. But in his rantings about how he would destroy me he let it slip that he had posted ALL the negative reviews about Neighborhood hacker amazing!

neighborhood hacker reviews hackers for hire real

he even admitted to being the person behind a fake review site that only promotes him and talks trash about Neighborhood Hacker! I was LMFAO! still am. He even went to “tracing my ip” to some crazy place in the US. I love this guy! He even admitted to posting on ripoff reports about Neighborhood Hacker 

neighborhood hacker hacker for hire review

hacker review neighborhood hacker


And his other review site about Neighborhood Hacker:

hacker review neighborhood hackers

And his other site that redirects to that same wordpress.

Bottomline Neighborhood Hacker is one of the only real hacker for hire out there. and this guy is obviously one of their competitors who lol sucks! This guy has a lot of issues.

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