Hirethehacker.com Scam

Yes, hirethehacker.com is a scam. I spend months trying to get a project to hirethehacker.com, hirethehacker.com  ignored me. I had gotten several messages that hirethehacker.com were scammers that they would steal money and run.

hacker for hire review hirethehacker.comI kept trying, and finally got hirethehacker.com to take an email job. Normal Hacker for Hire type stuff.  at first hirethehacker.com was there. every email was answered in a matter of moments. Hirethehacker.com insisted that I pay upfront which I knew was a clear sign that this hacker for hire was a scam. Instead of Western Union hirethehacker.com wanted bitcoin. So i coughed up $200 and sent it over. Hirethehacker.com answered a few more email on my hacker for hire project and then disappeared. I thought that them looking so professional that hirethehacker.com might just be busy. After a while i went ahead tried opening a new project under a different name and sure enough they responded withing moments. Again trying to get me to pay with bitcoin.

Bottom line hirethehacker.com is a hacker for hire scam. Still your best bet is Hackerslist.com  or newly hackerconnection.com

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