hackpal.com – SCAM $150

hackpal.com – SCAM

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http://hackpal.com boasts a $150 price tag for hacking yahoo, hotmail and gmail passwords. $350 for private email like the @yourdomain email and $300 to hack a facebook account. Hackpal.com claims to “guarantee results withing 72 hours” and say “In simple terms, we am able to hack the password within 72 hrs, without leaving any trace or triggering an alert.” Hackpal.com has a few points that look great on their website like client confidentiality, bypassing mobile security and having world wide clients. Their process is outlined on the how it works page and you don’t have to pay hackpal.com until you are satisfied with the proof they provide.

Hackpal.com fail

hackpal.com review
On the surface hackpal.com looks to be a legit company. But diving deeper into the website to take a look at the privacy statement or the terms and conditions and nothing no big deal. I filled out the very simple request form and got an auto mail that said thankx for the order, if you don’t have the $150 cancel your order now and hacks take up to 2 weeks? I thought it was 72 hours? no worries i havent paid anything this far so I havent lost anything to hackpal.com yet

hackpal.com seems legit but seems a bit too good to be true hackpal.com hasnt told me if they were sucessful or not yet so only time was lost. at the time of this post they havent told me anything or sent proof and have not responded to email.

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