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hackfacebookpassword.com – SCAM

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No here is an interesting twist. This is a free service that gives you access to a Facebook account by just typing in the username of the target and it claims to hack the password for FREE! Sound too good to be true because it is! I went through the process, entered my test account and it looked as if everything was working fine and then SUCCESS!! yay! thats where the scam kicks in. Click here to retrieve your password, then enter into an endless loop of surveys on right after another. How does this scam work? Its simple, you the visitor makes the person running the website anywhere from .50 to $5 per survey multiply that by about 1,000 people a day and you get easy money. In the end I never received my password and was simply given error after error for an hour. So either you’ll keep going or you’ll quit never receiving the password you were after.

SCAM! – Clever but a scam!

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  1. Agreed, total scam.

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