Hackerslist.com finally!

Hackerslist.com finally!

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After a love vacation and some time handling things at home. I finally have made it around to reviewing http://hackerslist.com.
This site was actually recommended as a review from one of my many visitors! Thanks for that its the only way I can say up to date on all the new hackers for hire offering services out on the vast internet. Something you have to know right off about Hacker’s List or HL as its known. This site ROCKS!!! it is by far the best thing I have found online in years! First its nothing like all the others! after glorious run by NeighborhoodHacker.com” and the clone wars that followed with the copycats. Its finally time for Neighborhood Hacker to be bumped to the number 2 spot. Hacker’s List is the way hiring a professional hacker should be! Modeled after your typical freelancer site like getlancer or odesk. in that you post up your project and other hackers bid on it! which is a great way to get the best deals! Hacker’s List offers a review feature and strict-ish guidelines about the hackers for hire allowed on the site. hackers are monitored and policed for scams and are quickly banned if they start scamming people. On top that the site requires escrow service! so the hackers cant run off with your money and have to prove their work is what they say it is! If not, you dont release the funds and its returned to you if needed. I can’t tell you how many people message me asking how to get their money back from western union. so, seeing it built in is such a relief and so easy. You can receive payments however you like and request withdraws through the site using paypal, bitcoin, western union or anything!

Like any freelancer site even for professional hackers you have to look at what each hacker has to offer then pick the best person for the best price. I sent over two different jobs and got several bids on both. I chose two different hackers and the first one was super fast and got me what I needed. The second one tried to scam me and when I reported them I not only got my money back but received a credit on my account and the user was banned! Amazing offering and with the credit I was able to have the second job completed

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