Hackersinfinity.com – cryptohackers.com REVIEW- scammers $300

Hackersinfinity.com – cryptohackers.com REVIEW- scammers

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hackersinfinity.com AKA cryprohackers.com review

hackersinfinity.com aka cryptohackers.com review I was a way for a while but I love seeing new hacker for hire websites pop up. I had put hackersinfinity.com also know as cryptohackers.com on my list of new hacker for hire sites to review but a few visitors beat me to it. Thanks guys for getting me started on hackersinfinity.com and cryptohackers.com review. When I first saw the site I thought they were a direct copy of neighborhoodhacker.com. I did a little looking and found out fast that they are not connected and just stole content from neighborhoodhacker.com. No big deal, these hasckers for hire do that to try and get on top of google.

I got a LOT of email about hackersinfinity.com asking me to review them and even warning me.

I tried to hire hacker in http://www.hackersinfinity.com/. I paid the partial amount since they guaranteed that atleast 1 information will be provided after the partial payment.

The admin denied the conversation and ask for the full payment which I did assuring me that after 2 hours all the information I need will be provided.

3 days has passed since the full payment and they did not even bother to comeback with a simple message!

Definitely a SCAM!

Watch out for the site: http://www.hackersinfinity.com/

So I did my own research and what I found about this hacker for hire was that hackersinfinity.com / cryptohackers.com was run by a guy named “Chance”. Now chance has a bit or a temper and for a hacker for hire hackersinfinity.com / cryptohackers.com is no the nicest person to deal with.But its not his only business. “Chance” has a moving company and moonlights as a male prositute from LA. http://losangeles.backpage.com/MaleEscorts/italian-hung-handyman-25-hr-62-hazel-blue-eyes-21/32923331
Before I even hired them for my test job I had a little chat on their website. It was fun to say the least. But he told me his hacker for hire cryptohackers.com / hackersinfinity.com “Our business cooperates with many federal agencies in helping them trace crimes in action”

Interesting, you can read a part of the transcript down below.

(09:07:21) Admin: Let me fill you in on something
(09:07:32) Visitor 33572334: please do.
(09:08:04) Admin: Our business cooperates with many federal agencies in helping them trace crimes in action
(09:08:17) Admin: You really have no idea who you are talking to
(09:08:33) Admin: Now Im doing everything in my power
(09:08:34) Visitor 33572334: right
(09:08:36) Admin: To sit and think
(09:08:43) Admin: This must be some honest guy well not so honest
(09:08:51) Admin: He is just t rying to make a living and support his family
(09:08:59) Admin: But something on his side of the computer cant figure out why I am here
(09:09:09) Admin: You are poking and poking away at my story my information you collected
(09:09:17) Admin: And you cannot seem to put the puzzle together
(09:09:21) Admin: Because the pieces dont fit
(09:09:27) Admin: Now like I said above.
(09:09:29) Admin: Move along…

And this hacker for hire over on hackersinfinity.com / cryptohackers.com went on…

(09:12:16) Admin: You are bothering a guy with too much time on his hands
(09:12:28) Admin: You are really pissing off someone who has too much time on their hands
(09:12:32) Admin: I suggest you just move along
(09:12:49) Admin: I do not want to be bothered with your “comments” your “complaints”
(09:12:57) Admin: I have heard enough of your bullshit
(09:13:02) Visitor 33572334: ok, good luck kid.
(09:13:11) Admin: Does it make you feel good to call someone a kid?
(09:13:15) Admin: Are you insecure ?
(09:13:20) Admin: Do you even know how old i am?
(09:13:25) Visitor 33572334: Ok, good luck guy.
(09:13:32) Admin: You do realize it makes you look highly unintelligent
(09:13:41) Admin: Have a good day sir
(09:15:17) *** Visitor 33572334 left the chat ***

hackersinfinity.com AKA cryprohackers.com – Scammers

ALthough it was a lot of fun lookinginto “chance”, hackersinfinity.com, cryptohackers.com and dealing with a company that “cooperates with many federal agencies in helping them trace crimes in action” I decided not to pursue having this hacker for hire do anything. I doubt he has the skill to hack his way out of a paper bag. All in All cryptohackers.com/hackersinfinity.com and “Chane” are full of it and definitely rank high on my scam meter. I hope he “handymany” business works out for him.

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