HackerConnection.com Review

HackerConnection.com Review

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My review of Hackerconnection.com.

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HackerConnection.com is an interesting twist on the hacker for hire market. Since Hackers List came out last year, there really hasn’t been much change in the hacker for hire business. Hackerconnection.com takes the find a hacker part on by building a list of good hackers.
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I spent a while talking with one of the people at HackerConnection.com Went over what I was looking to have done, time frame and such. The HackerConnection.com person took my information and went back over what they understood my needs to be and my price. Then went off. Unlike Hacker’s List I didn’t have to post anything and weed through a bunch of hackers. The next morning I had an email from HackerConnection.com with “connections” Hackers of different skill levels that met my needs. HackerConnection.com gave me a basic profile, review and pricing for the people in the list. Pretty cool I thought. and up to this point it was free. In order to get my chosen hacker I had to pay a “connect” fee. HackerConnection.com even promises the hackers they send you or will keep trying until they find the perfect fit. Overall pretty nice simple process and a sure fire way to find who you need quickly without all the fuss. The “connections” Hackerconnection.com gave me were ranked basic, standard and professional.

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It was interesting to see Hackerconnection.com had gone out and gotten me 3 potential hackers. The basic was the lower lever hacker that seemed like a beginner maybe someone just getting started in the hacker for hire freelance business. Hackerconnection.com said this person didn’t have any reviews but was the cheapest of the group. And was the cheapest both for the connection and in the amount they offered. Then Hackerconnection.com Had a Regular connection that was about mid level in skills and price and had a good and a not so good review that was still in my budget. The last connection Hackerconnection.com gave me was a Professional This was the one that had a guaranteed, good reviews and wow skills. HackerConnection.com also pointed out that while the professional hacker was more expensive they were still close to my budget. All of the connections hackerconnection.com sent me were all right in my time frame of 2-3 days. The basic connection one was 3-5 but still reasonable. I went with the Professional Connection with Hackerconnection.com to take advantage of the guarantee if needed. Hackerconnection.com sent me a bill for the connection and the normal disclaimers and stuff. And after I paid sent me direct contact information for my connection. worth the time and the money to get the right person once and not have to go searching myself. If your have a budget and deadline I recommend hackerconnection.com.

The savings here are amazing because it saves your time and energy.

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