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hackany1.com has come up more than once on my radar to review. so I finally got around to it. Hackany1.com says “There are many reasons why people choose to hire a hacker but the most common is to be able to get access to their e-mail or social network accounts like Facebook or twitter. There are also others that seek the services of a hacker to compromise the accounts of other people for their own personal gain such as the retrieval of sensitive information. Majority of hackers offer their services online and can be easily found with a simple search on various search engines. hackany1.com Hire a hacker is one such website that offers their clients an opportunity to get into various accounts that they have been prevented from accessing because they lack passwords.”

interesting….hackany1.com does database web acounts like email and DDoS attacks. for my job i wanted an my normal email account hacked. they charge $400 half up front but only via western union <<Hackany1.com fail

so these guys look a little less scary that others offering chats over google and email and even a phone number.
but they are based in india so good luck ever getting your money back. I was of with paying half up front but via western union not a chance that is just begging to have my money taken and run with it. I have to admit i didnt complete the process and ran as soon as i found out the only payment method was western union and that I was sending money to india. I also did my normal search to see if any one had reported a scam for hackany1.com and sure enough there was.
“These Indian hackers are fake and scammers.
They have a great website and will keep in contact with you the whole time and convince you that their work is legitimate and true. They provide false proofs but look real and once you pay they will not reply to you not give you what you paid for. These people mainly Ganesh are the scum of the earth and are really successful in scamming people.” click here for review

Hackany1.com actually gets a new rating for scam tastic. They scam hard!


  1. Scammers like others say They provide false proofs but look real and once you pay they will not reply to you not give you what you paid for. hackany1.com are the scum of the earth and are really successful in scamming people.

  2. If I could meet the hackany1 POSs in person… I would beat their heads in with a bat… The robbed me for $1,000 and tried to blackmail me for more… BASTARDS!
    People should be warned about these guys…. They go a step beyond scamming….. They take half your money up front and when you pay them, they dont do anything but give you BS updates when you ask for them. Then finally they say…. job is done.. send rest of the money now…. When you dont see any results and refuse to pay they threaten to let the person you are trying to get information from ( for example an email address) that you are doing it…. they even threaten to DDOS your server.. AND THEY ACTUALLY DID.. can you believe that? They took down my work’s server and threatned to let them know I had involvement unless I paid up…. so I pretty much got robbed for $1,000 and there is nothing I can do about…. full blown extortion

    These guys are money hungry thugs…. no one should use them or contact the under any circumstance..

  3. hackany1.com ask for upfront money for starting work
    so i gave 600$ for 3 emails and didn’t refund for my money

  4. These guys are total crooks! They are all about the job until they get paid and then vanish. This site is 100% a scam and watch out for the other sites

    All the same people, all the same scam. It is true, anyone who only accepts Western Union is a complete and total fucking scam!

  5. This guy is an absolute moron. I emailed offering a fairly substantial sum for hacking a web application, and he immediately messaged me back asking for $700 by western union, didn’t even ask for the URL, He flipped out when I suggested that if he were at all confident in his ability he would be happy to hack the application and prove that he had done it (I think to an experienced hacker maybe half a days work) he would have the cash, If he couldn’t do that he’s obviously a script kiddie looking to make a quick $700… He couldn’t even write in proper sentences… EG “we told you… we have our team…and when you provide us the website name then we would gonna[sic] forward that to them and they would gonna[sic] start the process only after we pay them… and than[sic] they gonna[sic] finish the job… and will gonna[sic] provide you the database after that” I could go on, but there’s no need – just so people are aware that under no circumstances ever should they pay this guy any money… He’s a moron. (oh and there are loads of sites from which you can learn to hack webmail and facebook accounts (although I have no idea why you would bother if you don’t trust your wife just kill her, or at least finish with her) you certainly shouldn’t be paying anyone to do something that straightforward, and I seriously doubt that ‘hackany1here’ can even log into his own facebook – let alone anyone elses.

    this is a brilliant idea for a site by the way, great service. Well done, I have found a hacker who I think is awesome, I’ll ask if I can recommend him, uh… or I might just make my own site and outsource the work to him 😀