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This website makes me lol the first thing says is “You are here because you desperately want to know someone’s email password or want to spy on someone…” and “Because GhostGrouP undertake email password hacking requests for any email account which is hosted on HOTMAIL, MSN, Yahoo, Gmail / Googlemail or AOL and your case is solved in less than 48 hours (this is the average time, but we never give up and we are working on your request until the password is obtained).” 48 hours is a much shorter time than any one else. but the how it works page says
“3 – Processing the order
Once the order is accepted, it takes us anywhere between 1-14 days to retrieve the password, using multiple methods. After 14 days if we do not get your cancelation request, we continue to work on your request until the password is “cracked”. The success is depended upon the type of password, complexity of the password, firewall, ISP etc so in rare cases 14 days is not enough to “hack” the required password.
Once we do manage to get the password, we will send you the proof which is monst convincing, from the target mailbox. The email we will send is usually tracked, and we would be expecting a response in real time.”

So another time frame but ok. really easy form to fill out and my order was off. takes paypal so that was comforting, they also take western union and money brokers. so payment options were ok. I must point our that paypal is not as safe as people think its still easy to get scammed. proofs are provided before payment whic is also good. fail review
so i sent my request get my welcome email from that says have my $100 on hand and in 72 hours they will contact me but it can take up to two weeks? <<FAIL!
first flag the “hacked” email went into spam folder. humm so i looked at the email more closely and found that it came from a online fake email form BUSTED! so i asked for another proof and never heard back.

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  1. Contacted these guys after reading some reviews on another site saying they can perform. Been days, and no news

    But they did send me a link to download some file to prevent being tracked for snooping. Paid $5 for information I already knew. Scam factor up a notch.