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i encourage [email protected] or anyone from [email protected] to join the conversation. 9/7/13

[email protected] – complete scam

[email protected], classic. In my first interaction with them I noticed the clear “Nigerian scam” feeling to the emails.
“Dear sir

Our email hacks are $175. Payable by either Western Union moneypak. The only information we’ll need from you is targets email address. ”

Western union and moneypak huh? Ok. So how does this work?

Western Union is discreet. In past experiences disloyal customers have done chargebacks, after having used our services
We do not charge the full $175 until proof is provided, but to begin we require deposit of $95.


Here we go. I wanted to know the turn around.

The proof consist of screenshots of the inbox & sent box. Turnaround time for this job 10hours.

Waiting for your reply.


So I haggled a bit and got the deposit down to $50 and sent my payment to their “colleague” Taylor Dunn in Chesapeake Virginia USA. A little surprising they would have someone in the US but ok. I Sent them an address to crack and waited. 10 hours later

This is taking longer than expected. We are giving it another 10hours, which will total 24hrs

Meanwhile watching my target account for any unusual activity. Nothing.
And 24 hours later they stopped responding to my email.

[email protected] fail

Lets go over my rules to spot a scam here.
1.) [email protected] only lets you use western union or money pak. They say its to keep people from stealing from them. NOT! It’s so you can’t dispute a cash transaction. You are screwed as soon as the money leaves western union or your hand.

2.) [email protected] scammy email. Dear sir, then broken English. I get it English may not be your first language but then what about your colleague in the USA? Nice try to appease me with a US based person. Like it mattered.

3.) [email protected] unreal time frame? C’mon unless they have a back door into everything there is no way. But it looks awesome so it give a glimmer of hope that [email protected] isn’t a complete tool.

4.) [email protected] let me negotiate my down payment which tells me they only want my down payment. How many $50 payments do they need to have a good day I wonder?

[email protected] is a scam

I have said it before when trying to spot a scammer like [email protected] don’t haggle, try it and if they drop the price RUN! Stay away from western union or anything else where you have no way to get your money back or even complain! Watch out for people who say they can do it in hours. It’s complete bullshit there is no way they can get into anything you throw at them in a matter of hours. No one is that good.

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