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Blackshades AKA [email protected] AKA Blackshades AKA [email protected] Is a complete and total scam. They sell a suit of tools like RATs and CRYPTERS and more. On the surface look to be a reputable company offering legitimate tools. I went ahed and forked over $50 for one tool and saw offered a few other tools and starting at $250 it was a scary deal.
blackshades - bshades - scam

[email protected] – Blackshades – SCAM

My first clue was a scam should have been that to purchase these tools you only had the option of buying via western union. And you all know how I feel about dealing western union. When it comes to dealing with hackers for hire. – Blackshades

I bit and sent off money to someone named Alex Yucel in Moldova after being told that this was the only payment method or [email protected] offered. I should have stopped just then. I got a few emails up until or this Alex Yucel picked up the money. Then dropped off the face of the earth. – blackshades SCAM

I waited two days to hear back from [email protected] or anyone and nothing came. So I decided I would file a support ticket \since the option was there. Again I got nothing. In the end my normal rules still apply here. DO NOT DEAL WITH ANYONE WHO ONLY OFFERS WESTERN UNION for a purchase. No matter what. you will get scammed plain and simple. There is simply no reason for them to not offer alternate payment methods if they are legitimate. People who only use western union are out to make a quick untraceable and nonrefundable few dollars. just avoid them, you will be happy you did. And you wont be short on rent.


  1. Scam they got me for $650. Once the guy picked up the money I never heard back and never got my tool. No honor what so ever.

    • I paid using BTC, how did you get scammed ?

  2. They got me for 650$ totally ripped form me, I was a fool to believe they are honest,

    highly un-professional and scumbags, never trust these bastards.

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