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11/27/2015 NEW SITE ADDED!  http://hackerconnection.com

Name your own price on Hackerconnection.com

Its been about a year since Hackers List made the news. Since then I’ve had hundreds of new submissions. Most are bogus or are direct ripoffs of existing sites. HackerConnection.com is something different. Hacker Connection does what the name implies and connects you to vetted hackers. They do all the work in finding the right person. The problem with other sites is you never know if the person you hire is a scammer. So Hackerconnection.com does the leg work in finding out. Check out my full review of Hackerconnection.com read my Hacker Connection Review

DONATE! I love this site. Its taken off in a way I wouldn’t have ever dreamed but these things cost money and time. I do it for free with money out of my own pocket and it gets costly.  but if anyone would like to help me keep this thing going please donate!

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11/14/2014 NEW SITE ADDED!  http://hackerslist.com I think someone has finally gotten wise to how hiring a hacker SHOULD WORK!!! I was sent to a new up and coming website http://hackerslist.com and from what I’ve seen so far its the way this whole pro hacker for hire thing should work! You get to post your need anonymously and professional hackers for hire out there bid on your project! Like a freelancer website! And get this http://hackerslist.com works as the middle man taking a percentage from the job and making sure people don’t get scammed! They actually guarantee your money back! how great is that! Check http://hackerslist.com. Now like anything you may get a better deal going direct to the hacker but you lose the money back guarantee part. I’m going to do a  page once I have time to hire another hacker for testing. But if anyone uses that site before I do please shoot me a note letting me know how it all works out.

DONATE! I love this site. Its taken off in a way I wouldn’t have ever dreamed but these things cost money and time. I do it for free with money out of my own pocket and it gets costly.  but if anyone would like to help me keep this thing going please donate!

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Updates: 11/14/2014 Sorry I’ve been away, I know the hacker for hire world needs someone to keep things in perspective. I’ve been flooded with bogus comments again so if you don’t see your review posted it likely was buried in a flood of spam posts to this site. Hackers for hire don’t really like having a place where people can actually voice opinions. So if you have a review please email me so I can find it and review it.
2/19/2014 I am back! After a long vacation (my day job) I finally have time to write about Hacker for hire sites again. My site logs tell me that some of the hacker for hire folks out there do not like what I’m doing have tried to hack my hacker for hire review site over 2,000 times! good to know that I’ve gotten the attention of these hackers for hire. It means that people are reading their reviews and are asking the right questions. I’ve added some new hacker for hire reviews to the hacker for hire review section There are some new comers so check out the newest in hacker for hire websites.

NEW!!! Hacker for Hire visitor review section!

People send me tons of email about hackers for hire they have run across so, I have dedicated a section just for the hackers for hire that I have not reviewed but that people have sent me emails about. Some, most, are scams but worth posting anyway :-) Check out the new Hacker For Hire User Review page and remember to email me if you have a review or experience with a hacker for hire that you want to add.

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I built this website to keep an eye on hackers for hire. To give people a chance to tell their hacker for hire stories and about their experiences with hireling hackers. There are only a few professional hacker for hire companies out there that offer true hacker for hire services. True hackers for hire are out there and they are not scams.

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10/21/13 running a hacker for hire review site, outing the frauds! fakers and scammers. Taking heat from stupid hackers for hire fakes and thieves. who think they can intimidate me and lie about my hacker for hire review site to discredit the information here I am still here! The reviews on the right are real I spent the money and went through everything in most cases. The reviews here are based on my experience. The comments are based on other peoples experience. If you are listed here and don’t like your review, maybe you should shut down your scam websites and move on!

Been scammed by a Hacker for hire? I started this website after spent hours Google searching for a professional and trustworthy hacker for hire service. I used terms like hacker for hire, hire a hacker, hackers for hire, hire a hackers and more. After being scammed a few times I realized that these guys are completely un-regulated and can pretty much do what ever they want and get away with it. Its not as though you can run to the Better Business Bureau and say “I hired a hacker who stole my money”. So, I decided to make this site to try and give people a bit of help making an informed decision and not getting scammed by so called hackers for hire. And i wanted to show Hacker for hire scams must be stopped. Hiring a hacker isn't a luxury any more. The only way sometimes to survive the often times criminal cyber world is by hiring an Ethical Hacker.people how not to get

    scammed by the wrong hacker for hire

Hacker for hire testing

How to hire a hacker Let me start off by saying that I am in no way associated with any of the sites I review. I don’t take money from them for positive reviews. That would be silly. I’m exorcising my first amendment rights to voice my opinion of these hacker for hire services. I tested each one after searching for hacker for hire or something similar on Google. I tested each one by asking them if they could do a specific job based on the services they offered. I used a fake name, payment information and only used accounts that I owned to evaluate. No animals or hackers were harmed during the course of these tests. I evaluated each based on price, service turn around, success rates, customer service and overall feeling I got when working with them. Of course there are other ways to find a good hacker for hire. Just do a Google search for the name of the company or person and often times youll find some interesting and revealing things about these Hackers For Hire just a few links down the results..

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